Ever-Changing Intelligent Marketing: Changes of Today is for a Better Tomorrow

The 11th iResearch Summit was held in Beijing on June 16 under thetheme of Foresee the Future. Sherry Yang, General Manager of hdtMEDIA in North China, delivered an excellent speech about “Programmatic Buying Intelligentizes Mobile Digital Marketing” with stories behind programmatic buying and mobile digital advertisingin a vivid and unique manner.


Several years ago, no one would have imaged that our daily life would be filled with super and black technologies.Programmatic buying advertising technologies, native advertising, UAV, VR and scene marketing have changed our life and work in a manner that we would never even thought about five or six years ago.

On the front of advertising technologies, the era of investing heavily in commercials or newspaper advertisements and then waiting for harvest is gone. The rapid development of mobile networks and intellectualization of mobile devices has fragmented our life into small pieces. But we spend a lot of time in front of all kinds ofscreens everyday, likemobile phones, iPads, personal computers and smart TVs. Thus, consumers have increasingly dominated mobile devices and network contents. Accordingly, enterprises and marketing agencies mustlearn about their consumers in a more active manner and formulate their product and plan from consumers’ point of view. Only in this way can theybuild connection withtheir target consumers. Thus, more and more brand advertisers are paying more attention to mobile advertising.


If mobile programmatic buying advertising technology can help brand advertisers find their target consumers and conduct purposed advertising, then creative advertising can help advertisers attract more consumers when they find the target population.Advertising technologies like DSP are not enough to fully help advertisers achieve effective advertising and marketing. hdtMEDIA, which started as a creative rich media company, not only owns hdtDMP (a data management platform) which is supported by self-owned and third-party data,but also emphasizes the combination of programmatic buying technology and interactive advertising creativity, to help advertisers realize expected effect.

Using hdtDMPto analyze the data ofenterprises’target consumers, we can precisely position themin the vast Internetaccording to theirfeatures. Subsequently, with the help of some novel and interesting interactive advertising display means, such as the PM2.5 pollution meteorological sensor ofLexus andthe virtual displayof mobile phone gyroscope in cars, we can attract target groupsto browseads and receive marketing information, and thus help brand advertisers realize more effective communication for their product and brand marketing information.

The marketing technology ofdigital advertising is only one change among countless modern scientific and technological changes. With the continuous development of technologies, we will continue to seeadifferent future. Along with our changing lifestyle, the marketing we need should also be changed. But to see a better future, we have to change ourselves bravely at the moment.


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