Fontile Shopping Festival H5 Campaign Won Another Award!

Hey, our case, Fontile Shopping Festival H5 Campaign, won another prize! This time, it is the Interactive Innovation Prize of China Advertising Great-wall Awards. So what are China Advertising Great-wall Awards in the first place?

China Advertising Great-wall Awards are derived from the event, the “National Excellent Advertising Works Exhibition”, first held in 1982. Through over thirty years of development, it has become China’s largest, most influential and most professional advertising event and one core competition of China’s international advertising festival.

It is a great honour for hdtMEDIA to win this wonderful prize!


So how did Fontile’s case beat others and win the prize? Please read on.

During the shopping festival (June 18), Fontile launched a side hood fan series, i.e., “Simple, But Special”. This time, Fontile continued to join hands with hdtMEDIA to increase the publicity and buying of the festival, spread the idea of the series, i.e., “Be Simple”, and explore a new mode of marketing.

The highlight of this case is that it enables buying free from the e-commerce business by making an innovative H5 interface. Ads have been launched through quality media, such as Ifeng News, Tencent News, ZAKER, Youting Radio, CBN,, douban, and, by analyzing target users and observing their behaviour and browsing habits. Meanwhile, the positioning technology of hdtMEDIA’s background system, i.e., IP/IMEI/IDFA, has been used to target first – and second – tier cities, like Nanjing, Harbin and Shanghai for advertising. Supported by customer targeting, multi – dimensional directional technologies and programmatic buying, the campaign managed to lock the targeting population and maximize its publicity. In accordance with the idea of “Simple, But Special”, such interactions as swiping the screen and shaking the phone have been designed so that users can learn about the idea of “Be Simple”. When users finish the interactions on H5 interface, they can get cash coupons and go to the buying interface directly. Users can buy things by entering some simple personal information. The buying process has been simplified, which is a bold innovation when diverse e-commerce platforms are booming.

We are very much honoured to be recognized by China Advertising Great-wall Awards!

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