Where is the future of the smart marketing of mobile videos?

“What is the most recent marketing trend in recent years? I think it’s MVP. In basketball matches, MVP refers to most valuable players. But in marketing, it refers to Mobile, Video and Programmatic Buying. The three are trends that are in the ascendant in recent years.”


On October 28, Colin Han, CPO of hdtMEDIA, said the above words at the wireless marketing training of Mobile Marketing Association in Shanghai.


With the wave of mobile videos coming, videos have become a strong tool in the era of online marketing. But advertisers still face many problems in video launching. For example, advertisers who only utilize video media would find it difficult to cover widely and publicize effectively. Secondly, the contents of popular video media are similar and have the same audiences. Launching ads on diverse media is expensive, adverse to data collection and unable to realize cross-medium frequency control. In addition, it may cause waste of exposure to non-target groups and cannot increase TA ratio.

According to Colin, the era of video websites focusing on TV and acting merely as traffic porters is gone. Programmatic buying will undoubtedly become a new trend of online video ads. Such ads can realize and enhance the effective coverage of target audiences through the cross-medium frequency control and audience targeting of DSP. At the training, Colin introduced fours modes of programmatic buying, i.e., open auction, private marketplace, preferred deals and programmatic guaranteed, and advertising knowledge, including the video guides of IAB.


By grasping opportunities brought by the video era, hdtMEDIA launched hdtOTV, a programmatic video advertising platform, and found an interesting and effective case in its launching process. Colin introduced this case to trainees. The target groups of ads are women aged between 25 and 35 in Shanghai, and the coverage rate of 3+Reach is above 30%. It is hoped that in-stream videos are precisely exposed to target groups. Then the question is, how much does it take to effectively cover targeting audience?

Through step-to-step formula computing, target groups are about 459,000; hdtOTV is used to control frequency (3 times per person) and hdtDMP, a data management platform of hdtMEDIA is used to increase the TGI (Target Group Index) of groups to 200; all this needs about 260,000 yuan, 27% higher than non-DSP launching. This case demonstrates such obvious advantages of hdtOTV as premium media, real-time trade of countless media and precision ability of reaching groups.

The wonderful speech of Colin has won the strong interest of trainees. One of them asked that frequency control means that exposure might not be enough, so how to balance frequency control and high exposure? Colin answered that under normal circumstances, media are used to provide traffic more than that demanded. For example, 120% of traffic is provided for advertisers to reach the balance between frequency control and exposure.

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