MMA Smarties Award Announced UNIQLO Pocketed Two Grand Prizes

Media diversification, user time fragmentation, changing technologies, fierce competition……against such backdrop, what shall brand do to enter into the young people’s world, share their hobbies and interests, help them to find their suitable styles, experience every phase of life with them, and meet a better self?


Love life, love fashion, love clothes, love mobile phones, love the Internet, love creating, love sharing……the footprint of the young generation can be found in all mobile terminals and in all interesting apps, and brands that wish to prosper with the generation are also devoting themselves in both the real and the mobile worlds of young people. In the second half of 2015, famous fashion brand UNIQLO worked with digital Ad platform hdtMEDIA in integrating resources of viable media, social media, mobile digital media platforms, multi-screen advertising, retail stores, mobile payment, fashion and creative industries. Together, we launched five themed campaigns like 27000 Dressing Combinations & 74 Brand-new Years, Legs Want RE-JEAN, etc. These campaigns planted UNIQLO’s concept and philosophy of LifeWear into young people’s heart, and channeled offline buyers into online platforms to share, to interact and to attract more followers.


In 2016, UNIQLO generated a new wave of heat. In April, UNIQLO jointed hands with fashion icon KAWS in introducing the x-KAWS UT series with 11 classic designs. KAWS was not widely known in China before the introduction of the UT series. UNIQLO utilized cross-media marketing under the theme of Reshape Fashion Culture and Talk With Fashion Art by integrating online and offline channels including social media, fashion media, Internet PR, opinion leaders, national tours, on-site sales promotion. The promotion aimed to let the users fully understand the UNIQLO-KAWS series and inspire their passion for the products. Besides creating lots of PGCs on social media, the fashion KOL put live shows on young people’s favorite apps, interacted with young people in stores and during national tours. Unsurprisingly, countless UGCs and their second transmission appeared on social media and the series became a hot topic. With the successful cross-media marketing, the KAWS series products were sold out on the first day and all flagship and major stores saw long queuing lines.


Recently, MMA Smarties Asia-Pacific Awards held in Singapore announced two grand prizes for UNIQLO. The case of UNIQLO - The New Fans Economy: A Breakthrough In Mobile Digital Marketing won Brand Awareness Bronze Award. The OXO integrated marketing case of UNIQLO X KAWS – OXO Integrated Online to Offline Marketing Campaign was awarded Cross Media/ Cross Mobile Integration Bronze Prize.

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