hdtOTV-Assisted Unilever Comfort Campaign Won the Grand Prize of iWW


On Dec.16, the 2016 i-China Forum and iWW ceremony were held in Beijing. The first hdtOTV campaign of OTV Programmatic Video Marketing Assisted Unilever Comfort won the grand prize of 2016 iWW Programmatic Video Marketing Award.

In today’s world when people have been used to watching online videos, advertisers are also investing more in video advertising. The strength of video advertising is easy to see—wider coverage and more vivid images. However, along with the strength also comes weakness. In the face of so many video media, how should advertisers choose? When users are highly overlapped in different media, what shall be done to avoid over exposure to certain populations and waste of marketing resources? A good solution to these questions is programmatic buying. The star platform strongly recommended by hdtMEDIA—hdtOTV—is such a platform specializing in programmatic video advertising. hdtOTV can largely avoid the above mentioned problems and ensure that the money is put on the right horse.

In 2016, Unilever Comfort jointed hand with hdtMEDIA’s programmatic video advertising platform hdtOTV and adopted diversified programmatic video marketing for the first time. hdtMEDIA used hdtOTV to accurately forward programmatically bought video ads to frequent female Internet users aged between 20 and 40 on prime video websites. We created new buying model, filtered out quality mainstream media via PMP to ensure the coverage, advertising\media quality and marketing performance. We adopted RTB for media and populations, improved the 3+ Reach rate, and accurately locate the target audience. Besides, ads were also cross-delivered on PC and mobile terminals to reach the targeting population. Meanwhile, we analyzed feedback data, frequency control, bidding algorithm and population optimization, increased Reach%, and bid mainly on effective TA flow in order to truly use the budget on target audience. The whole campaign came in 5 phases and lasted for 7 months. Both the 3+Reach and the TA concentration rate overbeat the set KPI. In this way, not only the UV cost was reduced but also the dissemination effectiveness was guaranteed.


Concerning its excellent performance, the campaign of OTV Programmatic Video Marketing Assisted Unilever Comfort deserves to win the grand prize of 2016 iWW Programmatic Video Marketing Award.


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