Michael Tang: Digital Media Overvalued?

The industry is increasingly branded with the trend of “chasing wind”. Either companies or marketing professionals are constantly chasing focal points, chasing fashions. Yet, how many of us are chasing on the right way? And how many of us are losing our competitiveness during the process of chasing?

In this forever changing market, how to keep abreast of the trend and at the same time avoid being misled by industry buzzes? Chinamedia360.com had the pleasure of interviewing hdtMEDIA President Dr Michael Tang. Let’s see how hdtMEDIA determines its core competitiveness in the market trend.


Hidden peril: digital media overvalued?

Talking about the market trend, the Internet and digital marketing are two unavoidable words. Regarding the 2017 trend of digital media, Michael believes digital marketing will be a forever need for advertisers, so the investment for digital media will continue to soar in the future.

However, Michael also sees the hidden peril of the current digital marketing. The exaggeration of the effect of digital marketing is threatening the development of the industry. Digital marketing is not the panacea. The media value can only be maximized when digital media and traditional media are combined.

The exaggeration of the digital marketing accuracy by digital companies and advertisers’ unrealistic expectations for digital media are misleading the industry.

According to Michael, all technologies including DSP and RTB have their applicable fields. The obligation of companies in this industry is to principle themselves and be honest with data, so as to facilitate advertisers in objectively choosing their desirable technologies.

Opportunities: integrated marketing of different terminals

In terms of digital marketing in 2017, Michael believes that digital terminals will be more used in marketing like mobile phones, smart TVs and Pad. Various terminals, especially mobile ones, are closer to the consumption behaviors of consumers. Therefore, marketing on these terminals will also be closer to consumers and can better stimulate consumption.

This diversified terminal marketing manner is the biggest difference with the old marketing behavior of fitting one single ad into all situations. According to Michael, a key part of digital media is integrated marketing. Today’s advertisers are no longer asking for single screen marketing. Multi-screen marketing has become a mainstream trend.

In this multi-screen era, marketing for one brand shall be through different terminals and with according contents. The derivative creativity of each terminal should also be brought out to make an integrated marketing package with complementary yet independent segments.

Industry pain point: the absence of core competence

During the interview about industry pain, he points out that insufficient core competence is worrying, especially when the market is overwhelmed by buzzes and following suit has become a common problem. Without their own core competitiveness, companies will gradually die when blinding following the crowd.

As Michael cites Michael Porter’s theory in The Competition Theory, the core business and ability are the surviving and prospering factors of companies.

In the conversation, Michael expressed his recognition of some companies’ core business, like Corning’s glass, iRobot’s robot cleaner, Siemens’ dish washer. It is due to these finest core businesses that these brands manage to shine among all the competitors.

Industry challenge: creativity subtraction

Talking about the current industry challenge, Michael believes that the industry is still lack of simpler, clearer and more impressive advertising model and creativity.

To summarize, we need to slim the advertising. In this information explosive era, simpler and clearer creative advertising can better arrest the attention of consumers in even shorter time.

For this purpose, Michael thinks besides creative contents, technologies will be another key factor to enhance the ad attraction. Therefore, the complementary growth of technology companies and creative companies will lead new trend in the future.

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