hdtMEDIA: Getting Ready for the Second Half of the Mobile Age

by VMarketing China


Clarence Zheng, CEO of hdtMEDIA

hdtMEDIA is China’s leading digital media platform that focuses on advertising technology and services. Strategically, its platform business has been maintaining the trend of sustainable development, and it will introduce new product lines to meet advertisers’ diverse needs by continuously keeping up with new technology trends and adopting new marketing methods acknowledged by advertisers. Tactically, it strives to continue the spirit of the Internet and better combine innovation and technology, which is demonstrated by its successful case of integrated marketing.

In 2016, marketing on mobile social platforms has had great impact on propagation. Social platforms are attracting more and more attention as users spend much more time on mobile terminals, mainly social terminals, APPs and videos. The originality of short mobile videos is also a mainstream of the era, which promotes the development of the whole Online TV (OTV) industry. Overall, in 2017, mobile terminals will still be the most effective marketing platform; OTV will gain more attention due to the soaring of excellent contents; opinion leaders and official accounts will reach out to users more effectively with fragmented contents. In 2016, hdtMEDIA focused on OTV; in 2017, it hopes to win a place on the OTT market and make its contribution to the primary development of the industry.

With the development of mobile Internet approaching the ceiling, the intense competition of China’s technology industry is coming to an end. Both corporations and entrepreneurs are exploring new technologies and opportunities. With natural technological genes, hdtMEDIA will focus on integrating platforms and innovation, which are required by technology and clients respectively, in order to create more market opportunities. In the near future, the challenge for hdtMEDIA is whether it can grasp new technologies to create new products; it is possible for hdtMEDIA to lead the industry and market if it is good at understanding clients’ diverse needs in different application scenarios.

In the future, hdtMEDIA will shift its priority from marketing products to big data technology, looks to apply the marketing technologies of big data and AI technologies to profound marketing learning, and considers how to use them for applications as soon as possible. As for channels and media, hdtMEDIA will keep on integrating platforms, and put more efforts on content channels, such as IP contents, KOL, official accounts and web celebrities; although the mobile era has already ended from the perspective of entrepreneurial opportunities, mobile apps remain at their prime time from the perspective of communications media. Users’ time consumption and mobile concerns will be the future focuses of hdtMEDIA.

2016 Reflection on Marketing

We believe that Internet marketing is an industry that cultivates ideals and passion. Although the industry is becoming increasingly fragmented, we regard fragmentation as an advantage for it can bring better development and the chance of sustainable operation to enterprising companies. In addition, I also suggest that delayering is another trend, even though it will lead to more competition in the industry. Since competition is always a drive for the progression of companies, delayering and fragmentation will bring continuous vitality to companies like us.

Another reflection is that I agree with the assessment that the second half of the Internet has already begun. It has been seventeen years since our company was formed. So, in the next half, keeping the energy of the past and extending it for even a hundred years will be the motivation for us to engage in Internet marketing with more professional services, spirit and attitude.

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