hdtMEDIA Held 2017 Charity Campaign in Hongqi Primary School

On June 9, hdtMEDIA launched a campaign themed Back to Childhood • Child Charity Campaign. After visits in 2012 and 2013, we once again came to Hongqi primary school with our love and blessings for students there.

Before going to the school, hdtMEDIA launched a fund-raising activity within the company, and all the goods donated in the campaign were bought with money raised in the activity. Besides, many colleagues also donated children’s toys, books which were proven to be very popular among the students.


“As you grow older, you will realize that the most important thing is learning ability, that’s why you need to cultivate your ability to learn” said the hdtMEDIA GM Sherry Yang of North China. The school principal expressed gratitude to hdtMEDIA for our long-term support and care, and his expectations towards children. Student representatives also made passionate speeches, showed their willingness and determination to study hard to grow into useful people for the society.


As it was in the afternoon, we worried that the children might be hungry, so we distributed snacks to children.

Children were very active and burst into a laugh when playing games with us.







Big kids from hdtMEDIA played well with children from the first and second grade, and the atmosphere was very warm. Students of First Grade played the game of “You Act, I Guess “. They competed to stand on the platform to act, and those on the seats, regardless of game rules, guessed the act together. Everybody joined in, children who got the right answer were so proud. As for students of Second Grade, they played “Drum-and-pass Game”, the flower tool was replaced with Chinese Zodiac dolls from hdtMEDIA, and any child could get a doll once the doll was passed down to the child when stop was called. Children liked those dolls so much and they even scrambled and gathered around the platform to get dolls, which overwhelmed our big kids from hdtMEDIA.


Children were completely immersed in the games and even ignored rules, and that was probably the most valuable spirit in children at this age.

Most parents of those students in Hongqi primary school are migrant workers; they live a hard life and work from day to night. So their children often have to suffer hunger and need school supplies. It is hoped that our donations could help those children.

The Charity Campaign this time presents us the other side of the bustling city; behind the towering office buildings, there is a group of people struggling on the survival line. We hope to care them more when we cherish our own lives.

Doing some contribution to the society in spare time, it is always the faith hdtMEDIA insisted on.


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