hdtMEDIA William Gu: How to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a fresh concept. With the increasingly sophisticated technology, AI is constantly expanding its applications in marketing and many AI technologies have been applied to the marketing of enterprises.

On the live hdtMEDIA T day (Technology day), Research Vice President of hdtMEDIA William Gu gave us a vivid and fulfilling lesson on the relationship between AI and marketing, and on how to apply AI technology to marketing.

What is AI?

AI originates from Hollywood, from the earliest 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), The Terminator (1984) to the recent Person of Interest (2016). Viewers can always find a trace of the imagination and descriptions of AI in Hollywood Science Fiction films.


As for the definition of AI, different people hold different opinions. According to the relevant surveys of Narrative Science, most people define AI as a kind of machine that can think and act like human beings or can learn and improve itself over time. Some others also think AI is a combination of big data and machine learning.


AI Technologies can be classified into many categories and its core technologies are mainly Machine Learning, ML for short, Neural networks, Deep learning, and Expert systems.

In fact, AI technologies have been applied to our daily lives, for example, automatic driving, traffic fraud monitoring, digital assistants are actually several aspects of AI technologies applications. Currently, many companies claim that they can provide AI technologies, but William believes that there are four main points in the characteristics and criteria of AI, namely Discovery, Prediction, Recommendations, and Automation.


Applications and effects of AI in marketing

Advertising delivering is one of the applications of AI in marketing. After the application of AI in advertising, the system can determine the compatibility between the advertising object and the target consumers through multiple dimensions and furthermore give different advertising proposals according to its analysis. For the moment, limited by the technical rules in the background and the number of advertising proposals, the scope and depth of AI application in advertising are far from enough.


What about the effect of AI application in advertising? As for this issue, a report released by a renowned Canadian technology company Acquisio reveals that the effect of AI technologies in advertising is 2.5 to 4 times of that of the ordinary advertising method.

As can be seen from the results of the above reports, the higher expenditure in advertising, the more data for machine learning, the better effects of advertising. Therefore, the application of AI technologies cannot make it without the support of big data.

As for the actual operation of advertising, timely feedback is of vital importance. If advertising is a war, timely feedback is equivalent to the radar system, enabling us to see clearly whether the established goals have been achieved or whether there are potential risks in the surrounding environment.

Apart from advertising, AI application in marketing also involves intelligence sales, consumer insight, marketing optimization, after-sales service, robot/virtual assistant, intelligent search interface, decision-making system, content production, brand building and so on.

Key points of AI application in marketing

Key points of AI application in marketing are mainly as follows:

1.Marketing network and channels selection

There are currently various online channels, such as search, display and social interaction in the larger classification and even more in the smaller classification. Which channel can help achieve better effect? How to realize the optimal combination of online and offline channels? Without AI, it’s hard to achieve it just by patting head.

2.Depth attribution based on rigorous statistical methods

The effect of advertising on purchasing decisions has long been one of the important issues discussed in marketing. Based on rigorous statistical methods, AI technologies can help the marketing professionals of enterprises solve this issue in a more effective and precise manner.


3.Marketing methods similar to stock investment

In the capital market, stock investment has been less dependent on human decision making. The concept of Programmed purchasing, the widely used advertising method at present, is from stock investment. In the future advertising, the marketing budget and expected goal can be determined through advertising ordering on the platform and the system will continue to automatically optimize in the background.

4.Good AI applications are invisible

Good AI applications are like automatic driving. As long as the destination is set, AI can easily take wherever you like while you can’t perceive anything during the whole process.


As for the development of AI, its road has twists and turns but the prospects are bright. At present, AI is still in the early stage of development, but almost all industries are giving a try. In their actual practice, marketing staff start from the problem and use AI to solve it with a reference to the problems encountered in reality.


The era of AI is coming with mankind evolution

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