Four Decades into Advertising: Trace the Tech Source, Stay True to Marketing

“When Bill Gates delivered a speech in Sydney in the 1990s, the assembly room was filled with banners that read ‘Information at your fingertips’, and today information is indeed at our fingertips. We can get much information from our phone. This is what Bill Gates predicted two decades ago and this prediction has keenly revealed the future trend.”

Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA, said that in his speech at iResearch Shenzhen Summit on August 30.


He shared his life stories and recalled the start of his career. From Lotus123, DOS to ToshibaT1100、10M-hard disks, to today’s AI, Dr. Tang has witnessed the appearance, spread and advance of computer equipment, software systems and artificial intelligence. He started his career in Hong Kong. “From the 100th floor of the building we are in, we could see Hong Kong not far from where we were.”

In 1985, Dr. Tang worked near the Landmark. One day when he passed there, he was brought to see Lotus123, a new thing that he had never seen before, and that was Excel. He was stunned and believed that one of Lotus123’s functions would be very helpful to his clients. So he bought it and began to provide relevant services for his clients. This had also attracted some new clients.

Later, the company he worked for was purchased by an Australian company. In December 1985, he brought ToshibaT1100–the first PC in the world and boarded a plane to Australia. A year later, the company decided to set up its own Mainframe Computer Division, which is today’s IT Division. The division bought expensive IBM computer systems and put them in a glass room in the center of the office. Clients who came to visit the company were all stunned–an advertising company used such an advanced system to provide services! By then, it had gained many projects without competing with others.


No one’s career is plain sailing, of course. “We had one failure. The system was sensitive to high temperatures. We installed an air-conditioner in it, but one day the air-conditioner failed, so the entire system stopped working. We were panicked.”

Computers are smaller and smaller. He still vividly remembers that Bill Gates said“Information at your fingertips” in the early 1990s and presented a tablet computer. As early as two decades ago, Microsoft had been able to produce tablet computers.

AI becomes one of the hottest topics nowadays. Mark Zuckerberg said in his speech at Harvard University this year that AI could help medical care and disease prediction. Kai-Fu Lee, who was stuck by cancer years ago, also thought that love distinguishes man and machine, which feels no love and has no awareness. AlphaGo may have defeated the world Go champion, but it felt no fun. Even if machine can be ten times as accurate as human doctors, patients are unwilling to be informed of their diagnosis from machine’s cold tone of voice. They want to gain care, listening and warm encouragement from human doctors.

Dr. Tang said, “AI may refer to love in Chinese but it knows no love.”


He concluded, “From PC to mobile, OTV and AI, hdtMEDIA has been dedicated to the digital advertisement industry for 18 years. We have never forgotten our mission: stay with digital marketing and lead digital advertising. This has always been our core competitiveness!”


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