hdtMEDIA listed as one of "25 Digital Marketing Companies You Must Know"

Thanks to its cutting-edge practical technology, professional solutions, high quality media resources and profound industrial experience, hdtMEDIA has won the great trust and support of domestic and foreign brands, agents, media and partners, and has been continuously recognized and honored by the industry. Therefore, it has been listed as one of “25 Digital Marketing Companies You Must Know” for four consecutive years on the China Advertising Annual Digital Awards Ceremony in Shanghai on March 28.
This is another award granted to hdtMEDIA after the CNAA I certification trademark, the 2017 Shanghai Municipal Advertising Association Unit contribution Award, the 2017 Marketing Top 10 Influential Independent Marketing Service Agency Award among other industry honors.

Founded by China Advertising, the first professional advertising journal in China in 2013, the China Advertising Annual Digital Award aims to select the most representative, forward-looking and ground-breaking model of the year.

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