Tai-Chi Chain Enters Into Fudan University

Colin Han, CPO of hdtMEDIA, shared with EMBA students the layout and thinking of block-chain technology and interactive marketing development —Tai-Chi Chain during his visit to School of Management at Fudan University on March 31.

Block-chain technology features decentralization, non-tampering and smart contracts while artificial intelligence and real-time big data processing technology are required to efficiently handle massive transaction data in the field of interactive marketing. By combining block-chain technology and programmatic buying technology in interactive marketing, Tai-Chi Chain aims to deliver more transparent and efficient ad placement.

Decentralization: helping the media prove their worth

The decentralized Tai-Chi Chain can ensure the costly media cheating is not capable of being modified or recalled. The premium media can therefore take on the real advertising effect, effectively prove their worth and attract more customers through transparent ad contracts.

In addition, the media can only deliver boring inferior ads or wastefully leave vacant space as its traffic cannot be completely consumed by programmatic advertising for a variety of reasons. In Tai-Chi Chain, the residual traffic can be made full use to deliver ads on the Tai-Chi Project and then obtain TaijiCoins (TJC) so as to be effectively utilized and stored.

The vertical media finds it hard to compete with BAT alone as they only cover and impact specific circles. In Tai-Chi Chain, however, the vertical media can partner with each other through smart contracts to sell their own valuable data with a view to achieving scale effects.

Smart contracts: enhancing the transparency and trust of interactive marketing

Tai-Chi Chain establishes a transparent trading chain which can’t be tampered with between advertisers and the media based on smart contract technology. During the transaction, buyers and sellers, even if unfamiliar with each other, can undertake direct resource purchase and ad placement without the need to resort to cumbersome processes such as advance payment. The open source advertising statistic monitoring and anti-cheating system on account of block-chain is able to monitor the advertising effect and clear trade transaction for advertisers and help them track all media expenses and put an end to invalid and false advertising.

The traditional RTB purchase mode often fails to match the placement demand of advertisers due to the great uncertainty of the traffic and price. Smart contract technology of Tai-Chi Chain enables advertisers to lock the RTB futures traffic of the media in advance, follow the schedule of spreading activities and carry out the rationed placement on a regular basis.

After engaging in the Tai-Chi Chain Project, advertisers are bond to attract more users to participate in their marketing activities thanks to trusted endorsements. At the same time, advertisers’ all data on the ad placement will be faithfully recorded as part of brand digital assets and preserved permanently and safely.

TaijiCoins: encouraging community developers to provide quality service

As the token of the Tai-Chi Chain Project, TJC are issued according to the amount of the advertising effect delivered by both parties in the transaction.

In the digital advertising trade, TJC can be paid as commissions or rewarded to miners to encourage them to provide more block-chain node resources. Meanwhile, contributors to the smart contract algorithm and providers of computing resources are also able to obtain TJC as an encouragement of better service.

All digital currencies are issued based on the results of the open source algorithm without any manual intervention and can be verified.

The professional and animated sharing by Colin Han was received with students’ warm applause and active questioning.

A student raised a question in the Q&A section: “If there’s a foray into the interactive marketing industry by means of Ethereum and ETH settlement, then how can Tai-Chi Chain stand out?

Colin Han believed that Ethereum can be used in all industries as a universal application. Tai-Chi Chain also supports Ethereum-based smart contracts. However, massive data transaction and high-demanding real-time performance in interactive marketing require for more targeted development. Relatively speaking, the main chain of Tai-Chi Chain can obviously better meet the needs of the interactive marketing industry.

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