Established in 1999, HDT Holdings Group is the pioneer both in China’s rich media industry and in rich media advertising formats. HDT Holdings Group consists of seven major platforms: digital media platform hdtMEDIA, mobile media platform hdtMobile, programmatic marketing platform hdtDXP, data management platform hdtDMP, mobile ad exchange platform H2 and video ad platform hdtOTV.

hdtMEDIA is China’s largest, earliest and most innovative digital media platform, which launched the first rich media advertisement in 2002. Their products include iCast and iFocus.

hdtMobile is committed to providing tailored one-stop online integrated communication solutions to advertisers. 

Being the earliest real-time-bidding (RTB) demand-side platform (DSP) in China market, hdtDXP is committed to serving brand advertisers and agencies with premium advertising inventories, audience buying, dynamic budget allocation, precision audience targeting, big-data based marketing strategies and services.

hdtDMP integrates tremendous amounts of data from first party and third party sources, and possesses highly efficient data management & analyzing capability.

H2 is devoted to providing mobile publishers with one-stop traffic management, improved ad fill rates and revenues and assist quality mobile media owners to effectively aggregate brand advertiser resources.

Through programmatic buying, hdtOTV offers premium video resources and diverse ad formats for brand advertisers and agencies.

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