HDT Holdings Group (hereinafter referred to as hdtMEDIA) is committed to providing professional, innovative and effective digital media solutions and maximizing the advertising ROI for advertisers across all industries.

Established in 1999, hdtMEDIA is one of China’s pioneering digital media platforms and has served thousands of international and domestic brands. hdtMEDIA’s investors include Chengwei Ventures LLC, Sequoia Capital, etc.

hdtMEDIA blazed the trail for China’s rich media advertising technology and launched the first rich media advertisement in 2002. It pioneered the introduction of the programmatic ad platform in China, which was: the first platform to access the major ad exchange and supply side platforms; the first to comply with the mobile, video and rich media industry standards. It’s the first cooperative partner of independent third-party digital data tracking companies in order to provide impartial, transparent and practical data to advertisers and also to maximize the delivery efficiency.

hdtMEDIA’s multi-channel digital marketing platform covers a whole range of media devices including PC, mobile, video and smart TV. It also supports multiple formats of programmatic transactions including RTB and PMP (PDB, PD, PA) to cater to the different needs of various advertisers. Our programmatic buying platform is in continuous development in the digital media eco-system, particularly in the fields of DSP, DMP, video, smart TV and mobile marketing.

hdtMEDIA integrates programmatic platforms to provide a one-stop service for media buying. Ad delivery and effectiveness are optimized on a real-time basis using efficient data management system and analytic techniques. hdtMEDIA adopts highly effective and innovative media strategies and creative ideas whilst supporting diverse marketing needs.

As a multi-channel digital marketing platform, hdtMEDIA owns several products:

hdtMEDIA Digital media platform
hdtMobile Mobile media platform
hdtDXP Programmatic marketing platform
hdtOTV Programmatic video platform
hdtOTT Smart TV advertising platform
hdtDMP Data management platform
H2 Digital ad exchange platform
hdtKOL Social media management platform

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