• “Uniqlo: LifeWear in a Mobile World” Won 2015 Special Award for Innovative Marketing
  • 2015-12-18
  • China Innovative Marketing Summit and China Innovation Award Ceremony organized by VMarketing were grandly opened on December 10th in Beijing....[more]
  • hdtMEDIA Obtained the Mawards of Gold Team
  • 2015-11-05
  • We won prizes again! On November 4, the Third Mawards Ceremony was grandly opened in Shanghai. ...[more]
  • hdtMEDIA “Date with Unionpay in Fabulous Hawaii” won the Iresearch Marketing Reward
  • 2015-11-04
  • The case of "Date with Unionpay in Fabulous Hawaii", made by htdMEDIA, won the Best Internet Advertisement of China in 2015....[more]
  • hdtMEDIA “Ford Fiesta” Won the China Advertising Great-wall Award in Media Marketing
  • 2015-11-03
  • On October 24, China Advertising Great-wall Awards in Media Marketing and Interactive Creative were announced in Xi'an....[more]
  • Michael Tang: On the Essence and Cultivation of Brand Marketing
  • 2015-10-27
  • In a sunny afternoon, this magazine (CIWEEK) had an opportunity to talk with this wise man about the industry, brands and his life. ...[more]
  • Has Advertising Died? Mr. Wit Said No!
  • 2015-10-15
  • "Has advertising died? Is PR the trump card? I would say 'No' to both questions!" Mr. Wit (Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA) firmly stated his attitude towards doubting voices in the industry....[more]
  • Tony Yuan : Three Major Obstacles and Directions of Programmatic Buying in China
  • 2015-10-15
  • As one of the first internet workers, Tony Yuan, Senior Vice President of hdtMEDIA, has witnessed changes to the digital advertising platform over the past decade and more. ...[more]
  • Clarence Zheng: the Past 15 Digital Years Chart the Direction for Future Marketing Solution
  • 2015-09-22
  • hdtMEDIA, China’s leading digital media platform, has seen ups and downs in China’s Internet advertising industry throughout the past fifteen years....[more]
  • Michael Tang Honored as China Ideal Brand Digital Interaction Person of the Year
  • 2015-09-09
  • Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA was honored “China Ideal Brand Digital Interaction Person of the Year 2014-2015”. ...[more]
  • Debut of China’s First Portal APP Open-Screen Dynamic Rich Media Ad
  • 2015-08-19
  • In cooperation with Tencent and KFC, hdtMEDIA utilized H5 technology and launched this month China’s first open-screen (splash screen) rich media ad...[more]
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