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H2 is a supply-side advertising technology platform which contains three products: H2 Mobile, H2 OTV, and H2 Social. The platform is developed and owned by hdtMEDIA.

What is H2 Mobile?

H2 Mobile is an ad exchange platform that serves mobile publishers by providing one-stop, multi-layered, ad inventory management and monetizing services to maximize mobile ad fill rate, increase revenue, and help high-quality media reach more brand advertisers.

H2 Mobile Core Value

Massive advertising inventory, multiple income protection: integrating with mainstream DSPs (advertising demand-side platform) to attract a great number of advertisers. Maximizing the media ad fill rate and optimizing unit transaction price with superior bidding algorithms.

Rich ad formats: supporting all mainstream ad formats and exclusive proprietary mobile rich-media ad formats.

Precise Ad Targeting: cherry-picking the most appropriate ad traffic by audience segments, regions, day part and etc. Helping demand side platforms to make more effective use of media resources.

Open API: supporting API integration with media; at the same time integrating with demand side platforms using the IAB standard openRTB 2.3 protocol and China MMA mobile programmatic advertising protocol.

Customizable SDK package: providing a powerful advertising SDK package that supports tailored ad SDK packages based on application’s specific requirements.

Dynamic bidding floor price setting: dynamically adjusting RTB floor price based on bidding status, optimizing every ad display opportunity to maximize revenue.

Partner incentives: incentives are offered to media partners that closely cooperate and build a long-term relationship with H2.

What is H2 OTV?

H2 OTV is an ad exchange platform for video media, dedicated to helping medium-sized video publishers to achieve the full programmatic sale of its advertising resources.

H2 OTV Core Value

Programmatic buying: supporting for mainstream RTB real-time bidding and PDB programmatic direct buying for premium resources, PD preferred deals etc. to help video media to carry out programmatic buying services.

Improve TA coverage by precise audience targeting: using a variety of transaction models at the same time, such as the usage of PDB model to achieve massive mainstream media exposure on premium resources while the usage of RTB and PD models to improve TA coverage.

Support traffic return: supporting multi-level controlled ad request return mechanism under a variety of transaction types including PDB and PD.

Support video advertising protocol: supporting latest video related international standard protocols, including VAST 4.0, MRAID, VPAID, etc. to meet the requirements from various advertisers.

What is H2 Social?

H2 Social is a supply-side advertising platform serving Weibo, WeChat, and other social media KOL resources. It is committed to helping KOLs to generate advertising income.

H2 Social Core Value

Massive KOL resources: 100K+ Weibo and WeChat resources, help advertisers find targeted KOLs.

Recommendation of high-quality KOLs: The platform can help advertisers to run effective marketing campaigns by selecting high-quality KOLs based on the KOL’s historical data combined with manual reviews, etc.

Insightful interpretation of resources: The platform provides the prediction of readership, engagement, cost, and income based on multi-dimensional mining and analysis of the existing KOL’s data & attributes, and track records of the similar accounts’ historical marketing campaign results.

Safeguard genuine effectiveness: assessing the authenticity and quality of KOL through the amount of interaction, exposure, engagement, positive or negative influence rates, etc. aiming to remove fake accounts and fraud traffics.

Intelligent campaign analysis: Based on the advertiser’s industry category, campaign objective, budget, etc., it can intelligently project the campaign effectiveness with the analysis of the communication details.

Performance tracking: timely analyzing and providing the data from multi-dimensional data monitoring so that advertisers can timely monitor the delivery effects.

Ease-of-use: operating a social own-media marketing campaign with simple and easy steps.

Flexible customization: providing advertisers with one-to-one personalized services, including advertising creative development and tailor made advertising strategy.

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