hdtDXP, China’s Leading Programmatic Marketing Platform

What is hdtDXP?

hdtDXP, under the HDT Holdings Group, is China’s leading programmaticmarketingplatform. Being the earliest real-time-bidding (RTB) demand-side platform (DSP) in the market, hdtDXP is committed to serving brand advertisers and agencies with premium advertising inventories, audience buying, dynamic budget allocation, precision audience targeting, big-data based marketing strategies and services, all with the aim of simple campaign management, brand safety, high ROI, efficiency and transparency.

The core values of hdtDXP

What are the core values whichhdtDXP can bring to brand advertisers and media agencies?

Premium inventory acquisition: Brand advertisers can access our high quality media resources via the latest programmatic buying systems.

Audience buying: through in-depth analysis of data, hdtDXP focuses on a more accurate analysis and potential consumer targeting. Within the “big-data” center, our proprietary hdtDMP (Data Management Platform) is utilized to clean, categorize and expand the userattributes in order to clarifyuser-profile,tagdata on the basis of combined horizontal and vertical dimensions, and form third party data with certified accuracy which can be used to guide ad serving.

ROI optimization: varied delivery demands are matched with the most suitable optimization algorithm so as to deliverthe measurement criteria of brand advertisers.

Brand safety: safety orientation function and optimal classification algorithm together eliminate junk traffic and guarantee brand safety.

Campaign management: hdtDXP offers effective campaign management and open-ended API to facilitate third party integration. The APIs have more than ten interfaces and cover such functions as order generation and modification, advertiser management, report acquisition.

The main functions of hdtDXP

Support for the four standard transaction types defined by IAB: hdtDXP supports programmatic marketing transactions types of open RTB, private marketplace, programmatic preferred buying and programmatic direct buying with a view to meeting brand advertisers’ need for premium advertising traffic and the resources to deliver the synergy of brand and performance.

Demand control: hdtDXP is able to control the total ads delivered consistent with varied daily demand. In addition there are real-time controls on the daily and total effective frequency, reach, click and conversion.

Audience analysis and audience targeting: with hdtDMP assisting audience data analysis, hdtDXPgenerates targetedcampaigns by setting property tags such as demographic, hobby, behavior, etc.

Cross-screen and cross-channel delivery and frequency capping: hdtDXP is capable of delivering integrated campaigns across multiple digital channels including web sites, mobile apps, video websites, digital TV, all of which can be put under one unified frequency capping control.

Bid algorithm optimization: algorithms are based on click and conversion rate statistical models. hdtDXP selects different campaign strategies in accordance with brand advertisers’ needs, such as CPM exposure strategy, CPC and CPA effect delivery strategy, etc.

Inventory forecast: clients are allowed real-time access to check their inventories for more predictable audiencemanagement and more efficient ad delivery.

Reporting: data reports for audience, ad delivery, channels, inventory forecast, closure and custom among others are made available viahdtDXP.

Special interface customization: hdtDXP is facilitated with third party API interfaces to meet special needs. For example a weather API interface has successfully plugged inwithhdtDXP.

hdtDXP technology highlights

Efficiently concurrent algorithm structure: the front-end cluster server allows hdtDXP to manage and scale traffic in the tens of billions.

Pluggable design: in many key parts including traffic, data integration and algorithm, hdtDXP adopts replaceable modular platform design to make it more flexible and effective.

Highly reliable system: the platform’s functionalities include automatic early warning and automatic processing, pushing its reliability to 99.99%.

hdtDXP’s strength

Industry pioneer:
It is the first platform that accesses major trading platforms such as Google, Taobao, Baidu, Tencent, SINA, Shanda, Allyes, Miaozhen, InMobi, hdtMEDIA, Sohu, iQIYI, Mangocity, YOUKU.com and many other premium PC and mobile media resources.
It is the first supporter for the standard access of mobile, video and rich media resources, and also the first VAST2.0 certified DSP.
Its leading multi-channel audience management technology and attribution model are two powerful instruments in conducting comprehensive audience analysis

Leading force in the brand audiencebuying advertising market:
A major third party ad technology platform dedicated to serving 4A media companies
Preferred trading system that delivers brand advertisers media objectives
Average daily traffic covers 8 billion page views, 500,000 websites, 150,000 mobile APPs, and over 10,000 hours of video programs
An accumulated audience management of 500 million users

An efficient platform driven by technology:
Flexible and diversified advertising bidding algorithm
Comprehensive and standardized API interface and data integrationcapability
A powerful media quality control system


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