hdtKOL, a social media management platform under hdtMEDIA, aims to provide smart and one-stop management and placement service of social media resources.

Core Functions

Massive premium KOL resources: more than 40,000 KOL resources covering Weibo, WeChat and other major social platforms with the high-quality top KOL coverage as high as over 80%.

Top-notch KOL evaluation model: assessing KOL value by unique core indicators based on complex modeling, composite KOL price, recorded activities, real promotion effect, brand style among other elements.

Smart KOL recommendation: recommending the best KOLs for brands by applying the big data analysis to meet their budgets, schedules, product types and demands as well as compare recorded keywords in KOLs and their fans’ attributes in a multi-dimensional manner.

Support for multiple ways of cooperation: supporting various means like originality, forwarding, image, text, video and live streaming to meet the brand demand at all levels.

Customized exclusive KOL pool: automatically taking all KOL partners on board for brand customers. In specific, the exclusive resource pool on account of brand labels and target consumers enables brands to directly include KOLs followed by fans of competitive goods. This is how they ensure swift selection of premium KOLs and informed competitive analysis.

Perfect anti-fraud mechanism: establishing a perfect anti-fraud mechanism through paid posters elimination quality assessment, fan comments and reposting content analysis so that customers can keep an eye on the actual effect.

Visualized analysis: showing minutely, hourly and daily trends with a visual diagram of each KOL placement in every project. Trend divergence statistics are provided meanwhile to help understand the real-time placing situation at a glance.


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