hdtMEDIA is committed to its profession, creativity and effectiveness in serving our clients. It aims to provide the most cost effective, efficient and advanced integrated digital solutions, ensuring a seamless connection between brand and consumer and maximum ROI.

hdtMEDIA is the first digital media platform to cooperate with a host of third-party independent data analysis agencies to supply specialized, effective and practical data results and reporting for advertisers.

hdtMEDIA launched China’s first rich media advertisement in 2002. It is the pioneer both in China’s rich media industry and in rich media advertising formats.

Currently, hdtMEDIA offers two products: iCast and iFocus.

iCast: rich media for brand awareness

Designed, created and commercialized by hdtMEDIA, iCast requires no PC plug-ins installed for its automatic play. It is a rich media ad solution that integrates the functions and benefits of video, audio, animated graphics, two-way communication and user interaction. iCast boasts cutting-edge rich media technologies, including cross-domain and cross-frequency control, physics engine, 3D, Silverlight, carousel, unique video compression, transparent download, etc. In addition it offers real-time statistical analysis and data to ensure all-round supervision and accountability for safe and accurate ad delivery. For over a decade iCast has become synonymous with China’s rich media technologies.

iFocus: rich media for precision targeting

The iFocus advertisement appears wherever the target audience is found! iFocus is a marketing solutions platform which was launched by hdtMEDIA in 2007, it optimizes on different precision targeting technologies and metrics with the Chinese contextual targeting in order to pinpoint the target audience hotspots. iFocus integrates diverse targeting technologies including contextual targeting, behavior targeting, retargeting, geographical targeting, time targeting, etc. Based upon the advertiser’s requests, iFocus analyzes the trends of the target audience’s browsing behavior and directs the most appropriate ads to the relevant potential consumers.


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