hdtMobile, HDT Holdings Group’s proprietary and highly reliable mobile media platform, is committed to providing tailored one-stop online integrated communication solutions to advertisers.

Premium media resources

hdtMobile is well-connected with HDT’s mobile Ad Exchange platform H2 and mainstream SSP/Ad Exchanges, including Tencent Social Ads, Alimama Tanx, Baidu BES. Enriched by platform resources such as Google DBM, it is able to cover mainstream apps in the market, fully capable of satisfying advertisers’ need for quality advertising inventories.

Programmatic buying

hdtMobile supports standard open RTB, private market place, preferreddeal, programmatic reservation.
Stunning creative

Adherent to H5 standards, hdtMobile combines rich media with pre-roll, interstitial, full-screens, banners, focus pictures, news-feed, in-stream video, etc. Features like mobile phone touch screen, photo-taking and sharingare also included. Besides, hdtMobile also supportsvariousinteraction functions such as 360°Panorama, Erase, Blow, Shake, etc.

Accurate targeting based on big data

Excelling in target audience information analysis through professional data management platform, hdtMobile aims to market precisely to differentiated media, regions, dayparting, interests, demographics, operating systems, commercial zones, network conditions, climate API, etc.

Context synergizing

hdtMobile delivers native advertisements, andavoiding redundancy and disarray in Ads through smart match. Meanwhile the true commercial value is locked by context synergizing on multi-dimensional scenarios.

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