hdtOTT is hdtMEDIA’s Smart TV Advertising Platform, which is committed to advertising on smart TV with programmatic buying methods. hdtOTT is targeted at family users and attracts the audience with large-screen advertisements that have strong visual effects, to help brand advertisers present brand/product information to the audience and enhance brand awareness.

Core Competitiveness
Focus on the Affluent Group: Covering an affluent group with a good education background, high incomes, and high consumption level.
Maximized exposure of brands: Smart TV with a screen of 40 to 70 inches, which catch users’ eyeball more easily.
Excellent advertising display effect: A superior media environment and audiovisual effects create excellent advertising presentations.

Main Functions
One-stop services: We cooperate with content providers, license owners, set-top boxes and smart TV manufacturers to provide one-stop services for brand advertisers.
Abundant media resources: We access rich media resources covering inventories from license owners and hardware manufacturers.
Multiple targeting: We achieve multiple targeting capabilities in terms of time, regions, frequency control, brands, contents, audiences, and interests.
Target Group Analysis: We cover affluent groups with a good education background, high incomes and high consumption level based on big data accumulation of hdtMEDIA to clearly analyze users and generate user profiles for effective media buying.
Marketing scene in the living room: We create a new marketing scene based on the “Big Screen” advantage of Smart TV.
Data monitoring by the third-party: We cooperate with mainstream third-party data platforms such as Miaozhen System, AdMaster, Nielsen to offer transparent, professional, and practical ads delivery reports.

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