hdtOTV, Programmatic Video Advertising Platform

What is hdtOTV?

hdtOTV, hdtMEDIA’s programmatic video advertising platform, helps brand advertisers buy on-line video ads in a programmatic way.

The core values of hdtOTV

Programmatic buying: the on-line video ad buying solution offers full support across all programmatic deal types, including Programmatic Premium Buying (PPB), Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Programmatic Direct Buying (PDB).

Cross-media frequency control: facilitating advertisers to effectively cover targeted audiences with cross-media data collected through hdtDMP (Data Management Platform) and third-party platforms, thus reducing the cost per unique visitor (CPUV).

Precision Targeting: subtle and effective coverage of targeted audiences with multiple targeting tools to pinpoint audience, media, content, device and region.

Improving TA coverage with complementary ads delivery: as audience groups of on-line media tend to have higher overlap, a combination of multiple programmatic ads delivery mechanisms is recommended as exemplified in the use of PPB and RTB for targeting audience, and PDB for seeking premium inventory and maximum exposure, thus for effectively coverage.

Reducing advertising cost: cost reduction through intelligent optimization to improve TA reach rate.

Diversified tagging system: 28 primary, 200+ secondary and 3000+ tertiary audience tags from hdtDMP to facilitate effect reach of ads.

The main functions of hdtOTV

Access to rich inventory resource: access to resources of premium media websites including, Tencent, iQIYI, SOHU.COM, Youku.com&Tudou.com, le.com, fun.tv, Ku6.com, mgtv.com, as well as full access to video resources of content providers in Ad Exchange platforms including X Trader, ValueMaker, mediamax, ACELINK, Tanx and BesTV.

Support inventory return: intelligently choose the best portion of traffics from publishers based on targeting criteria.

TA delivery control: using hdtDMP with the combination of delivery strategy and algorithm to increase TA delivery percentage under the premise of flow and frequency control.

Improving click quality: using cross-terminal optimization technology to increase after-click conversions and TA ratio.

Diversified video ads: supporting various formats of on-line video advertisement, as well as VAST3.0 standard to meet the needs of different advertisers.

Close cooperation with the third-party platforms: co-operating with third-party data platforms including Tencent, Miaozhen Systems, TalkingData, nielsen, AdMaster, iResearch, and kejet.com, to ensure the accuracy and fairness of ads delivery.

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