hdtSSP, A Premium Publishers Service Platform

hdtSSP is anhdtMEDIA owned advertising platform for publishers. It facilitates publishers in managing income sources and raising revenues, and helps premiumpublishers to effectively accumulate brand client resources. Publishers can sell their inventories via programmatic buying through RTB or non-RTB channels.

What can hdtSSP offer for publishers?

Publisher traffic optimization: hdtSSP can help publishers match resources in a real-time and dynamic manner, and greatly improve fill rate.

Brand control: The hdtSSP brand control system can filter undesirable ad contents, offer automatic and manual content review, screen out sensitive contents that have conflict with brands, and ensure the safety of the ad delivering environment.

Dynamic floor price setting: hdtSSP will forecast and adjust in real time the RTB floor price in accordance with the current bidding price of each traffic flow.

Comprehensive media reports: hdtSSP provides comprehensive and multi-dimensional reports and updates real-time data to help publishers map out more effective sales strategies.

What can hdtSSP offer for DSPs?

Premium rich media traffic: 450 million daily PVs guarantees the provision of quality rich media traffic.

Audience management: hdtSSP provides data management targeting different groups, audience segments, publishers, the third-party DMPs and cookie mapping. It fully supports audience buying.

Traffic pre-screening: hdtSSP covers all quality audience, and can pre-screen traffic needed for different places and time.

Multi-dimensional statistical report: hdtSSP provides timely feedback about bidding success rates, network connection speed, ad spending, thus opening a window of all-dimensional reference to DSP.

Shared functions for media and DSPs

Programmatic buying: hdtSSP supports all types of programmatic transactions. The demand side can transact with hdtSSP in any of the four IAB-defined programmatic transaction types.

Open API: hdtSSP supports the complete set of API and OpenRTB bidding protocols, and pursues simplified operation procedures between the demand and supply sides.

Private market: hdtSSP provides private trading platforms for premiumpublishers and DSPs. In the private market, publishers are allowed to adopt certain sales strategies and release particular/specifictraffics/inventory for quality DSPs to choose and make a one-stop safe purchase.

Ad format support: Beside common Banners, it also supports Rich Media among other ad formats.


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